The Wright Brand Klondike Sandwich

The Wright® Brand Klondike® Sandwich

A savory twist to a childhood favorite!

Prep Time

Prep Time:

30 minutes

Cook Time

Cook Time:

20-25 minutes

Serving Size

Serving Size:



12 Strips of Wright® Brand Hickory Smoked Bacon
1 Klondike® bar


1. Preheat oven to 350F.

2. Make bacon weave by laying three strips of Wright® Brand bacon horizontally together. Then fold the center strip in half to the right. Set another strip of bacon vertically in the middle where the fold is. Fold the folded bacon back in place and now fold the top and bottom bacon in half to the right. Add your fifth vertical strip on the left side and fold over top and bottom bacon over it. Fold top and bottom bacon to the left side and add your last slice on the right side and fold back the top and bottom slices over.

3. Repeat for top layer and place both weaves on a sheet pan. Place a cooling rack upside down on top of the bacon so it stays flat and bake for 20-25 minutes until crispy.

4. Allow to rest on paper towels and then sandwich a Klondike® bar between the two bacon weaves and serve immediately.