Bacon Domination

We-Q-4-U Makes Its Way Into the Bacon World Championship

We-Q-4-U won first place in the Bacon Domination challenge at the Pigs and Peaches BBQ Festival in Kennesaw, GA with their recipe for a homemade bacon cup with homemade bacon ice cream and donut holes. Jimmy Groves and his wife

Gebhardt Family and Friends Cook Their Way to Vegas

The Gebhardt family (Lew the pitmaster, Marcia, Pete and Jason) started their BBQ team in 2008 when they became a part of the Kansas City Barbecue Society. They focus on perfecting their skills and the fun of competing win or

THE BEST IN BACON PREPARE TO FACE OFF AT THE 2013 BACON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (Las Vegas, NV) – Competing teams from around the nation will come together this week to face off in the inaugural Bacon World Championship, part of

Hickory Pit Stop BBQ Wins in Munfordville

It was a cold, rainy and gloomy day in Munfordville, KY, leaving it to Wright® Brand Bacon to liven up the crowd of 126,000 at the Big Buffalo Crossing Barbecue Cook-off. On Thursday, Oct. 24, Destination: BACON DOMINATION traveled to

Hoggystyle Qualifies for the Bacon World Championship

Pitmaster Danny Fly from Shawnee, KS prides himself on his love for good food and wine and he proved it at the International Goat Days Festival in Millington, Tenn. Fly has been both a judge and competitor in various events

Celebrity Chef and Meat-Lover Josh Ozersky as World Food Championship Judge

Food writer and meat connoisseur Josh Ozersky to will join the judges’ team. Check out his profile!

Worldly Chef Karl Guggenmos Joins Judges’ Panel

Karl Guggenmos will have a seat at the judges’ panel for the World Food Championship Check him out here.

Four Crows BBQ Wins Entry Into the Bacon World Championship

Delayne Crow is the pitmaster for Four Crows BBQ out of Wichita Falls, Texas. He and his BBQ crew visited Bedford, TX on Sept. 1 to participate in the Bedford Blues & BBQ Festival and took first place with their


ONLINE VIDEO CONTEST IS THE FIRST EVENT IN WBB’S DESTINATION: BACON DOMINATION, THE ROAD TO THE 2013 WORLD FOOD CHAMPIONSHIPS (Vernon, Texas) – The maker of Wright® Brand Bacon – the Bigger, Better Bacon – is kicking off the first

WRIGHT® Brand Bacon Announces “Bacon Domination” Challenge

(Vernon, Texas) – The maker of Wright® Brand Bacon – the Bigger, Better Bacon – announced today plans for BACON DOMINATION, a cook-off challenge for bacon fans. Earlier this month, Wright® Brand Bacon was selected by the prestigious World Food