Wright® Brand Bacon Adding Sizzle for 90 Years

Rich in tradition and rich in flavor, the bold taste of Wright® Brand bacon has been inspiring hearty, mouthwatering meals for bacon lovers since Roy Wright and Fay Eggleston founded the Vernon Meat Company in 1922.

Roy and his sons went on to build Wright Packing Company in the early 1940s, and brought to the new company the same important values, to always deliver the highest quality. By the 1970s, the company was focused solely on making bacon and ham.

Wright® Brand bacon starts with only the best pork bellies, hand selected and hand trimmed, then slow smoked with natural hardwoods for eight hours, to our 90-year old proprietary curing recipe that brings Wright Brand Naturally Hickory Smoked Bacon forth uncompromising taste. Wright® Brand bacon is something you can be proud to set on the table every day and feel comfortable serving your family. As part of the Tyson Foods family since 2001, the Wright® Brand continues to gather bacon lovers from across the country.

The premium quality of our hearty, thick-cut bacon shines through today.